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Olivia Schiaparelli-Delarosa, who has made a name for herself in the Fortune 500 Inc. areas of Entertainment, Technology and Luxury Lifestyles as a woman of talent, ambition and infectious innovation.


Thriving in these Industries for 20 years, pivoting ever so slightly, by merging subsidiaries during 2020, taking to her scholastic's & roots in behavioral  science, by implementing experimental psychology, communications, life sciences and spiritual development in a work-life balance by championing her innovative techniques in the most prestigious realms of mediumship.


As a born psychic-medium, with developed clairvoyant sensory and telepathic bonding techniques, Olivia's proven enhanced sensory development through biofeedback  is accessible to anyone using her teachings.


Olivia's mission calls to change your head space, work space, home and community to be in tune with you and your purpose. 


Including building partnerships with over 800 companies, passing the torch to those next generations for a sustainable future. These partnerships will bring an entrepreneurial spirit to those seeking Mentors, hard business skills and a place to carve out their own paths, as Olivia has three daughters succeeding her. 


"Be your own Abundance!”

 -- xxoh 

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