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Who We Donate To

 Nurturing kindness improves all our lives. The students respond enthusiastically and share their own stories about acting with kindness. Their positive energy and willingness to learn is contagious. Together we can strengthen and grow the global community of kindness.

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HERO.ORG is an educational movement with a clear purpose: helping every child succeed, in school and in life - through teaching:

- Kindness for all
- Peaceful coexistence 
- Stronger communities
- Creative Problem Solving 
- Critical Thinking Skills
- Caring for companion animals
- Respect for wildlife
- Appreciation for diversity 
- Stewardship for Earth
- Cultivation racial equality

Using videos and classroom presentations, we share stories about what it is like for people and animals to be hurt, lonely, scared, bullied, and discriminated against, and how students can help.  In the videos our superhero, Hero Rosa, will guide children toward possible solutions and work with them to resolve the issue. Our short and fun educational videos are free online and available to anyone. Classroom presentations are available virtually or in-person in the Los Angeles area.

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