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Olivia Schiaparelli-Delarosa

Founder & CEO

Before taking leaps in the business world, Olivia was a competitive athlete in cross-country and water-polo. Where she learned endurance and strategy.


Coming from one of the five largest families in the US, with deep roots in traditions and business, Olivia emancipated herself at 12 and began her associate's of science in Criminal Justice & Criminology at 16.


While Olivia trained at one of the top basic academies in the state, San Bernardino Sheriff's Academy, achieving class sergeant for two years; while excelling in crime scene investigation, tactical communication, firearms and defensive tactics, with physical training programs consisting of multiple levels of (FMA) martial arts and weapons proficiency, as well as – communications, public speaking, critical thinking, ethics and leadership. With proficiency in legal knowledge, forensics and behavioral analysis. 


Graduating from San Bernardino County Sheriff's Academy, becoming the first and only woman to pass the physical agility courses, following her parturition. Getting the attention of her superior, Adrian Hernandez of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Allowing Hernandez to write a standard practice of behaviors used today.


Continuing from this model, Olivia began expanding in neuroscience and psychology, while obtaining her Bachelor of Science in architecture and design; acknowledging the environmental factors and impacts of behavior in all structures of life. 


Applying these sciences to the business models of the industrious corporations in Media, Entertainment and Start-up industries.  

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Ivan Perhat

Head of Development

Aside from being a Business Developer - the Olympic Swimmer and Martial Artist, Ivan Perhat is an accomplished athlete; including being the 2nd Croatian in history to swim the 100 meter freestyle in just 47 seconds. Ivan moved with his family to Los Angeles at the young age of 7 in order to escape the Yugoslavian civil war.


At the age of 15 Ivan found solace in swimming, which quickly grew into his passion. Always setting the bar high with each of his ventures, graduating with his Bachelor's of Science in Geophysics. Heading back to Croatia to train and compete on the world's stage at 2008 Olympics in Beijing, 2008 European Championships in Rijeka, 2009 Mediterranean Games in Perscara, and the 2008 World Cup Championship Series. Followed by Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and weapon manipulation were the next passions to catch his eye.


Ivan began training under masters Willie Laureano and then transitioned to train under Mark Kimura at "The Yard", which is where he presently trains in Muay Thai. In recent years, the 6'5" athlete has geared his undeniable focus and determination to the Entertainment industry; to set an example that all goals are attainable with the proper work ethic and vision.


He's appeared in various action and adventure films such as Fight or Die (2017), Paradise (2017), and Paranormal Monster's Society (2018).

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Jason Harrell

Head of Mentalism 

Jason Harrell, a standalone athlete in basketball and soccer, became the youngest sports broadcaster reporter to air the lead story of the World Cup 2002 for RTÉ News and Current Affairs, in Ireland, as American correspondent, on all of CNN channels, including: CNNSI, CNN International. Making Jason an Emmy award winning reporter for Wyff NBC -- also covering more than 10 Super Bowls to date.


Jason's unique story is literally one for the books, as he is a Hurricane Katrina survivor, later becoming an author of The Bartending Therapist, which reached #1 on Amazon and the best sellers list!


It doesn't stop there - Jason, became Mentalist of the year recognized by the Society of American Magicians and Member of The Hollywood Magic Castle, professional poker player and TV commentator for 8 years.


He also founded a full service social media company, giving companies organic audience reach and sustainability. Making his mark in the Airbnb rental industry, reaching a six figure revenue, while travelling the world of over 30 countries. This allowed Jason to be a Keynote Speaker for Marketing and Entrepreneur conferences around the world, appearing in films and television and consulting top Los Angeles Realtors, Marketing Companies and E-Commerce worldwide.

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